Inspired to Write

Writers love talking about inspiration. We like to moan when we aren’t inspired and we like to boast when that sudden rush of inspiration has just jolted our minds into action. Inspiration can come from many sources – we can be inspired by places, images, words, actions, music, current events … and we can be inspired by people.

I have approached the writers behind some of my favourite blogs to contribute to Dodging Commas on the theme Inspired to Write. This is an opportunity to showcase a favourite author, express gratitude to a teacher, or dote upon a friend or family member. Above all, it is a celebration of the people who started us on our creative journeys, the people who keep us going, and the people who inspire us to follow our passion.

We seek inspiration for new ideas every day for our creative work, but right from the start there has been someone who has ensured we are Inspired to Write.

Journey of a pencil-wielding, grammar free child by Katy

Astronauts, Princesses, Lion Tamers, and Writers by Jess

I want some more by Pete Denton

Once Upon an Inspiration by Lucinda Rose

Let the Sunshine In by Tita Buds

What Makes Me Write by Derek Berry

Swimming in Language Sea by Louise Jaques

Inspiration and Triangles by Aelius Blythe

A Special Story by Stef Thompson

If you would like to contribute to this series, please comment on this page or contact me.

8 comments on “Inspired to Write

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  6. I have a story about someone who was one of the most unexpected and unintended influences on me starting to look at writing more seriously and if you tell me how, I’d like to make a post about it that I can share.

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