Dodging Commas

Welcome to Dodging Commas!

What began as a foray into book reviews and grammar rants tips has rapidly become a blog of triumphs and failures featuring myself, my literary pursuits, and encouraging comments from my new blogging buddies.

I still post the occasional book review and grammar tip but mostly I explore the process of writing, reading, and living. I have an obsession with commas and a passion for literature; you can read about me if you’re curious.

Feel free to leave comments, engage in debate, and offer constructive suggestions! I read all comments and do my best to reply to them. Do share your literary pursuits with me – remind me that I’m not alone as I sit half-crazed and hunched over the keys, clacking out another part of my soul onto the blank page.

All opinions expressed here are my own and all content is my own intellectual property, unless otherwise referenced. You can contact me or find me on Twitter or Facebook.

This is a blog that celebrates language and creativity; I hope you enjoy the time you spend here.