Book Review: ‘Rivers of London’ by Ben Aaronovitch

rivers of london coverBook Title: Rivers of London

Author: Ben Aaronovitch

Genre: Paranormal / Urban Fantasy

Summary: Peter Grant, probationary constable in London’s Metropolitan Police Force, finds himself caught up in a case that is not entirely ordinary. After taking a statement from a witness to a bizarre murder, he is promoted to Detective Constable and apprenticed to Inspector Nightingale, wizard. Credited as “what would happen if Harry Potter grew up and joined the fuzz” (Diana Gabaldon), it is an exciting modern-day crime thriller with a few vampires, ghosts, and gods thrown in.

Favourite Scene: When Peter first creates a ball of light. (And the last scene in the book, which I can’t write about here!)

Favourite Character: Lesley

Review: I thoroughly enjoyed travelling through London escorted by a young constable solving paranormal crimes. That he is bordering on incompetent and generally not very clever in a detective sense makes it even more enjoyable, particularly because he ends up in some rather tricky situations as a result. And I can just see Lesley rolling her eyes …

Aaronovitch creates a multi-layered London with its own unique mythology and stories to support the characters and their subplots. It’s a fun and enjoyable beach-read – thoroughly entertaining and unique without being brain-challenging-complicated. I’m not normally a fan of crime fiction, but I’ve happily floated through this book and its three sequels. Don’t expect a super-happy ending for this one, but do expect to enjoy the faults and foibles of an apprentice wizard and wannabe detective constable (who’s partway there with the badge, he just needs the skills).

Did I mention that the different rivers of London (not just the Thames) have their own gods and goddesses?

4 commas!

4 commas

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