Happiness is …

This week my classes did an exercise in which they had to write about what makes them happy. A lot of the kids wrote about playing games on their iPads and, with some unbiased encouragement, eating ice cream and chocolate. Last night I sat in bed contemplating this activity, partly because I was interested in it and partly because I was so anxious about other factors in my life that I needed to focus on something that would distract me in a happy way, not in a brain-overload way.

So here is my take on happiness.

Happiness is settling into bed with a cup of tea and a book.
Happiness is my purring cat in my lap.
Happiness is the smell of freshly ground coffee.
Happiness is takeaway and movies with my sister.
Happiness is a hug from my Dad.
Happiness is a chat with my Mum.
Happiness is a long conversation with an old friend.
Happiness is a cupcake and belly-laughs.
Happiness is seeing my friends’ children grow, albeit from a distance.
Happiness is an out-of-the-blue text from a friend.
Happiness is a stamp in my passport.
Happiness is arriving in a new place and finding my way without getting (too) lost, and then intentionally getting lost the next day.
Happiness is having the confidence to do what I want.
Happiness is turning at the turnoff and finally arriving home after over 12 hours of driving.
Happiness is meeting my grandparents at the train station.
Happiness is rainbow porridge.
Happiness is belting out a song at the top of your lungs and laughing when you get the lyrics wrong.
Happiness is sitting on the edge of a floating city.
Happiness is dancing in the rain.
Happiness is spending the day in bed.
Happiness is writing.
Happiness is in memories.
Happiness is in possibilities.
Happiness is in me.

Image: donireewalker

What’s your happiness?


5 comments on “Happiness is …

  1. happiness is running through leaves in autumn.
    happiness is staying awake all night giggling with your best friends.
    happiness is hot chocolate in winter.
    happiness is fluffy socks in the winter.
    happiness is going up and down the glass elevator in my shopping centre with my two best mates: just for the fun of it.
    happiness is taking off your shoes and sliding across the shopping centre with my two best mates.
    happiness is falling over in my fluffy socks and being dog piled by my two best mates.
    happiness is kissing your boyfriend in the rain
    happiness is knowing your not dependent on boys
    happiness is in art galleries and pretending to understand all of them.
    happiness is watching a new episode of vampire diary’s.
    happiness is looking through old pictures.
    happiness is finding those perfect pair of jeans.
    happiness is laying on the beach with sunglasses, a magazine and nail varnish.
    happiness is the smell of nail varnish.
    happiness is a hot bath at the end of the day.
    happiness is recording my every thought in my diary and hoping that one day I could have a daughter that reads it in the future so she can understand me a little bit better.
    happiness is laughing with your family about things only your family gets
    happiness is singing along to your favourite song with your friends
    happiness is making cupcakes and cookies
    happiness is the smell of winter
    happiness is finishing an amazing book and sighing in contentedness at the last page
    happiness is relaying your whole holiday in your mind when it comes to an end
    happiness is in cats
    happiness is in fog and feeling like your in a vampire romance (an acquired taste)
    happiness is waiting a whole year to finding out Christmas still gives you butterfly’s
    happiness is diving through sale items in my favourite shops
    happiness is listening to new and old songs
    happiness is being me and knowing I’m an individual.
    happiness is knowing this list could go on forever and feeling absoloutly priveledged to have so much happiness in my life.
    happiness is living moments you’ll never forget.

    by jasmine, 13 year old that never wants to grow old, embraces life, laughter and basically everything and aspires to be happy. 🙂 xx

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