Make it Bold for the Blue Moon

To say you do something once in a blue moon is to say you do something rarely, if ever at all. Perhaps it is something that has been known to happen, but hasn’t for a while. Perhaps it is something you have been meaning to do, but you never get around to it. Perhaps it is an indulgence, a guilty pleasure, a moment of bliss.

Once in a blue moon, I dance in the rain.

I read poetry in the bath with a bottle of champagne, once in a blue moon.

Once in a blue moon, I do something … Brave. Bold. Beautiful.

I always thought it was a delightful saying, particularly because (in my experience) few people who use it actually know what a “blue moon” is. A blue moon happens every few years; it’s not really a phenomenon, more of a quirk of the calendar. It is when a full moon occurs for a second time in the same month – and this happens to be tonight. The next one will be in July 2015.

Lately, the blue moon as a representation of “not getting around to it” has been an apt reference for me. I’ve been “absent” from the blogosphere for about a month now. It was not intentional … a day slipped by, then a week, and then …

So here I am. In a cruel (actually, it’s quite delightful) twist of fate, I will be darting off to Thailand in two days and won’t actually be back for another two weeks.

Once in a blue moon, I forget who I am and I need some time to think, to process, to wander in body and mind.

Tonight I am taking the time to enjoy the blue moon, to indulge the possibility of “one day” and “on occasion” and “sometimes”. My coworker recently expressed her distress at the distinct absence of colour from my work wardrobe, so I’ve donned a bright top and I’m even wearing heels. Once in a blue moon, I scrub up alright, you know.

All of those things you have been putting off, all of those niggling urges you only indulge in “once in a blue moon”? Well, look up …

Be brave. Make it bold. And remember you’re beautiful.


4 comments on “Make it Bold for the Blue Moon

  1. I had no idea tonight was a blue moon! The last one we had was on New Year’s Eve a few years back, which I thought was truly special. It really does conjure some wonderful imagery.

    Anyway, it’s good to hear from you, Stef! Have fun in Thailand.

  2. Lovely post! I’ll have to ponder what I should do to break out of the routine – something rather special. Maybe if the weather is up to it, I’ll lie in the grass and read a book…

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