Weekly Grammar Tip: advise/advice

What’s the difference between ‘advise’ and ‘advice’?

Like practise and practice, advise and advice have two different uses based on the fact that one is a noun and one is a verb.

ADVISE is the verb, as in “to advise your friend”.

I can advise you on how to make the perfect coffee, but it’s really a matter of personal taste.

Your role is not to advise me but to bring me tea. Fast.

ADVICE is the noun, as in “the best advice yet”.

I appreciate your advice regarding the best way to eat Tim Tams with hot chocolate.

My advice would be to avoid white chocolate – it’s a waste of calories.

You can ADVISE me on the best Shiraz to drink but since you drink de-caff I’m not sure I trust your ADVICE regarding coffee.


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