My Weekly Writing Wish for You

My Genius has been cooperating with me over the last few days and I’ve been writing, writing, writing which is wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. It feels as though every time I start really getting into a story idea, amazing things happen in my life, too – the synchronicity of my creative imagination and my reality.

This rush of inspiration as I put words on a page has also given me an opportunity to keep the promises I make to myself – there is a notebook sitting in my handbag dedicated specifically to the story idea that has been rushing about my head and heart, and I’m going to be using it as my writing journal for this project.

Already I’ve written in my new writing journal (and revelled in turning to the first page) and detailed the great plans I have for the plot and characters, and already I know that much of this will change as my characters take over and tell their story for themselves. One of the amazing things about this process of reflection is that it has clarified much of what I was thinking, turning the thoughts into solid statements. It has made the project more real – it is no longer a document on my hard drive but a solid, tangible piece waiting for me to bring it forth.

I cannot believe how long it’s taken me to return to keeping a writing journal. The reflection process alone is worth a thousand blank pages of possibility.

My writing wish for you this week is for you to reflect on your writing. You do not have to keep a journal or write an essay on why you write (or don’t); simply reflect on the projects you are currently working on and your plans for them. Make your projects more than ideas and words on a page – make them real and give them the thoughts and attention they deserve.


29 comments on “My Weekly Writing Wish for You

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  2. I am working on it, hopefully you’ll see more or I’ll have more news to share on it in the not too distant future.

    And as far as returning to your journaling goes, well better late than never I say. Right? πŸ™‚

    • My genius and I make equal demands of each other. Usually they involve negotiations as to who should provide the tea and at what point we can stop for wine.

  3. Your words … “It feels as though every time I start really getting into a story idea, amazing things happen in my life, too – the synchronicity of my creative imagination and my reality.” …really strike home. I feel this too. It always surprises me that, when life’s busyness pulls me away from my writing rhythm, and then I am able to reenter this wonderful zone again, life is so … creatively synchronistic … I wonder why I ever allow the world to pull me away. Thanks for the beautiful reminder!

  4. Your wishing it into our brains, that’s a big first step. Interesting I’ve been looking at some old (really, old) writing journals just the last few days – that sort of imagin-oodling doesn’t seem to happen with a computer, the little asides up in the corner that catalyse into links. Good plan. New writing journal. Love beautiful paper bound into a book, a freely flowing pen.

  5. So true. I always find that writing on actual paper really manages to bring the story to life and makes it a tangible thing that’s just waiting to be expanded even further. =]

    • There are beautiful things you can create with a pen and paper that the mechanics of a computer screen and keyboard just can’t do (without a bit more time and effort) … You can write sideways and in circles and up and around and down with pen and paper! Much more exciting!

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