The Lucky 7 Challenge

Dammit. I’ve been given a challenge. Yes, complete with my name and a link. Damn you, Jess! I don’t back down from a challenge, so I also have to overcome my fear of judgement and actually post a raw, unedited extract from something I’ve been working on – bit-by-bit – for a while now. Shut up, inner-perfectionist; you’re not welcome here!

Here’s what you do:

Find a current work-in-progress of yours. Go to the 7th or 77th page, then to the 7th line of that page, and from there, copy and paste approximately seven lines and share them!

The work-in-progress I am sharing here is from a 69 page document (yes, I giggled immaturely when I noticed that, too) so I’ve chosen seven lines from the seventh page.

He jerked the hand brake on and Jem looked out at a very unassuming house in what she recognised to be one of the outer suburbs, backing onto the fae reserve that surrounded the east of the city. That was the only reason the fae came out from hiding, for the reserves. They couldn’t handle it anymore, watching their homes get destroyed and being powerless to stop it. Watching the trees fall and the hills get levelled, they simply could not survive on the little patches that had been left, so they came forward. A few secrets, a few magical advancements in exchange for untouchable reservations and the chance to live out of the shadows.

So. Who’s next to take up the challenge?


13 comments on “The Lucky 7 Challenge

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  2. I just wanted to drop by once more (without sounding stalky, I hope!) to say thanks for all your posts, Stef. They (and their consistency and depth) have been keeping me inspired during a particularly dry writing spell. Thanks again. 🙂

    • With comments like that, you are very welcome to be my stalker 😉

      Thank you for taking the time to tell me this – You’ve put on a smile on my face and I haven’t even had my morning coffee! I really appreciate the feedback and it’s for you (and other writers, readers, stalkers, and word lovers) that I keep this blog. I’m so pleased it’s made a positive difference for you 🙂 Thank YOU for motivating me to write, too!

  3. 7th page/7th line.
    Another perfectionist here – my unedited ‘bit’ makes me squirm! So I’m putting it here as a comment rather than on my blog (because somehow, in Ali-land, that makes it better) 🙂

    “To Brenna’s ears Leith sounded awkward and it took her a few seconds before his affectation made sense. Then she understood who it was she had hidden from this evening.
    “Yes, I saw Jaeb on the way over here,” spite glittered in Grier’s eyes. “It makes sense that he’s posted here.”
    Below the table, Brenna clenched a handful of her own breeches. Grier’s jealousy rolled like water from wax most of the time but tonight Brenna want to take up something heavy and strike the woman.”

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