Best Australian Blogs 2012 Competition

I am a nominee for the Best Australian Blogs 2012 Competition and voting for the People’s Choice award has commenced!

You do not have to be an Australian to vote and you can vote for more than one blog (you need to tick ALL of the blogs you wish to vote for all at once before submitting on the final page).

Click on this link here, tick the blogs you wish to vote for, then click through and submit your vote!

Thank you for your support!


19 comments on “Best Australian Blogs 2012 Competition

  1. Stef, you have a lovely blog here. I especially appreciated your unedited 7 lines – what a great window into your storyworld! Good luck in the competition, I’m sure the judges will linger here. I’m also competing @, but I’m also voting for other Words and Writing blogs as I’d love to see a good one get the people’s prize. You’ve got a tick from me.

    • I love the name of your blog – “denouement” is one of my favourite words! Love the background image, too!

      Thank you for your encouraging words; I’m so pleased you enjoy my blog! Good luck in the competition – I’m yet to cast my votes as I’m still looking around at all the amazing blogs out there! Even if I don’t win/get a mention, I’ll feel like this has been a success for all the new blogs I’ve discovered!

      Happy writing!

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