Weekly Grammar Tip: bought/brought

What’s the difference between ‘bought’ and ‘brought’?

BOUGHT is the past tense of buy, for example:

I will buy some wine.

I bought some wine.

BROUGHT is the past tense of bring, for example:

I will bring chocolate.

I brought chocolate.

Think of how you would talk about the object in the present tense (did you buy it or did you bring it?) and use the past tense accordingly!

I BOUGHT some lovely wine yesterday and would have BROUGHT it to share, but I drank it all last night.

This grammar tip was sponsored by my sister. And yes, the weekly grammar tips are back.


6 comments on “Weekly Grammar Tip: bought/brought

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  2. Thank ye for the post!
    Not enough people make an effort to properly learn the language and instead give in to slang and ‘common parlance’ (as it were…).

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