My Weekly Writing Wish for You

This week Katy shared a beautiful post to start the Inspired to Write series and I look forward to reading more wonderful posts written by talented writers I’ve met in the blogosphere.

Reading Katy’s post and talking to others about their ideas has left me deep in thought about my own sources of motivation and the people who have been most inspiring when it comes to getting me to write. I have very supportive family and friends, and I’ve had some very influential teachers. I can name certain events, however, that I would flag as Signpost Events – times when I’ve needed direction or affirmation and have been given a firm nudge in the direction of Writing. I often wonder what it is I can do to best express my gratitude to them for being Signposts on my writing journey. I could write a novel for each person so there is a book dedication for every Signpost moment, but then I’d have to write a lot of novels and … let’s just get one polished off to start with, shall we? I could name them all in the acknowledgements page in the first book I publish, though I worry they would be waiting for a while … I need them to know that I am grateful today, right now, right this minute.

How do you thank the people who inspire you to follow your passion?

Ah, but I do thank them. I am thanking them right now as I write these words, and you are thanking them for me when you read them. Every day that Iwrite, I thank the people who inspire me to do so. I am doing what they encourage me to do; by writing, I am honouring the people who inspire me.

My writing wish for you this week is for you to honour the people who inspire you to write. Show them that you are a writer and that you are following the path that they inspired you to travel. Tell them about your stories, your poems, your joys found in writing. Be inspired to write for them.

This post has also been cross-posted at Budding Writer’s League.


4 comments on “My Weekly Writing Wish for You

  1. I love the gratitude theme here, and as a new blogger who has been struggling with finding time to write a book I am finding it liberating just to write my thoughts and develop the discipline to write a little regularly. For this I am so grateful to students, friends and family over the years who have believed in me enough to say this is something I should do!

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