My Weekly Writing Wish for You

Inspire by Famous Digital Art / Typography

Today isn’t just another day. Today I’ll create something beautiful.

I saw this quote for the first time several years ago. Actually, it was 2008 and I had it stuck on my desk at work when I was teaching in a High School – I clung to it, some days. It has come back to me this week and given me cause to pause and reflect on my ability to create and my desire to embrace each day with a creative outlook.

This week has been full of ups and downs for me. I’ve been uninspired, inspired, energetic, flat … Bouncing around from one extreme to another has been tiring but also enlightening. This week, I found my Muse, my Daemon, my Genius. I have extracted my Genius and now he is quite happy – he has been liberated from the confines of a mortal body and I have been liberated from the pressures placed on the Genius – not on me.

I must say, every day is a little clearer and brighter now that there are two of us working on my creative projects. I am not the only person responsible for the creative flow and now we’re sharing our responsibilities (sometimes one of us comes to the party and has to drag along the other, but we’re working on it).

I’ve watched the speech several times since then and have found it quite affirming. Here it is again in case you missed it:

My writing wish for you this week is for you to liberate your genius. Accept that you do not have to put pressure on yourself to be great – you’re great already. Now it’s time for your Genius to pitch in and do its job. Have a talk and establish a mutual understanding – what are you capable of and what do you need your Genius to help you with?


This post has also been cross-posted at Budding Writer’s League.


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