Wellbeing, Travel, Writing – My Goals for 2012

If you know who I can credit for this image, please let me know!

I feel that now I am finally settled (as much as a vagabond like myself can be) and have regular access to coffee, I can finally take note of the New Year. The beginning of 2012 was a blur to me – I remember a boat, an early night, and a strange feeling sometime around 4am of “Where the heck am I? Oh, right. Hotel. Singapore. Living here. Got it.” before rolling over and going back to sleep.

The Chinese New Year of the Water Dragon is still new, however, and it feels fitting to finally embrace this new year and set about writing some goals for the year to come. My goals can be divided into three categories:

  1. Wellbeing
  2. Travel
  3. Writing


Lose weight, get fit, blah blah blah. Except I’m not really interested in all that. I am more interested in a general sense of wellbeing, of feeling good when I wake up in the morning and smiling when I go to bed. I need to sleep more, eat foods that nourish me instead of making me feel bloated and gross (I’m sorry, Popiah, but we need to talk … ), and maybe take the stairs once in a while (when it’s indoors, airconditioned, and I’m not wearing heels). There are certain activities I’d like to try, like meditation and yoga (don’t laugh), and the thought of getting lessons in something has crossed my mind as a way of meeting new people and learning something new. Any ideas? Guitar? Quilting? Cooking? Language? I’m open to reasonable suggestions!

Stay tuned with What Stef Does Next!


Last year I set myself the goal of travelling to a different country each year. That is still going to be easily achieved while I’m living in Singapore (and, I hope, in years to come), but I feel I need to elaborate on the 2012 goals. Not only will I travel, but I’m going to do different things and challenge myself. Like, really challenge. One of the biggest triumphs of my travel (and life) experiences has been hiking the Inca Trail. While I don’t anticipate climbing Everest any time soon, I would like to set out on some walking trips and push myself physically. I know that for a lazy girl this sounds like a strange goal to have, but I will never forget the amazing feeling of accomplishment (and aching muscles and back sweat) when I looked out over Machu Picchu. And then had my first shower in four days.


Dodging Commas was born while I was living on my father’s property and spending hours upon hours each day researching and writing draft upon draft of my dissertation. Almost a year later … the blog has more followers than I thought I’d ever have (even when I exclude my family!), the dissertation has been submitted (and I passed), and I live in Singapore. I feel I have friends who share my interests and love for all things books and words and language, friends I’ve met in cyberspace through this blog and through theirs. Thank you to everyone who enjoys my blog – you choose to read my words and offer me great support and encouragement just by visiting. My confidence as a writer has increased tenfold and I feel like my week is incomplete if I haven’t written something here.

I would like to continue keeping my “writing blog” up to date this year, though there will be changes. You can still expect book reviews though they’ll be sporadic – I am yet to join the local library (it’s on the “to do” list) and I’m not yet sure of the selection there. Say “goodbye” to the official Weekly Grammar Tips, though, as I am aiming to change this to a Weekly Writing Tip that will incorporate grammar, writing exercises, and the odd writing challenge for any who want to participate or share ideas around getting motivated for writing. I have a few writing goals for this year and I feel a Weekly Writing Tip will motivate me as well as others (I hope)!

A goal not written is only a wish – apparently “anonymous” said this (let me know if you know a different person deserving of credit) and therefore it is with a very deep breath that I share my GOAL (not a wish or a vague idea or a rough plan) around writing for this year.

Last year I finished NaNoWriMo with a 50,166 novel that had something resembling a beginning, middle and end. If I can write a novel in a month … how many can I write in a year? Well, to start with, I’m going to aim for three. Yes, three.

I am going to write three novels before the end of 2012.

OK, now that I’ve put that goal out into cyberspace, I need a cup of coffee. Maybe some wine. It’s the one goal I have for 2012 that makes me nervous. You can bluff the goals for Wellbeing and adapt the goals for Travel … but you can’t fake three novels. So let’s raise our coffee mugs to Three Novels in a Year!

What are your goals for 2012 (writing or otherwise)?

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