U is for Unwrap

Christmas was good to me this year. Heck, Christmas is good to me every year! I get spoilt without fail and it was with great delight that I finally “unwrapped” another Christmas present yesterday. Over the Chinese New Year weekend I went in pursuit of this lovely gift which was presented to me from my mother – something I had to buy when I arrived in Singapore. Well, as of last night at 11.10pm I have been here for four weeks exactly, so it’s about time I “arrive” in accordance to the conditions of my gift.

I went to Orchard Road, famous for its shopping centres and designer stores, and the only location where two stores are positioned for this particular item. Alas, both were closed. Singapore is a bustling place most of the time, but Chinese New Year rolls around and everything stops! I was determined, however. I must admit, it took some coaxing for me to leave the apartment that day so the fact that I was being a tad discouraged by CLOSED signs really did inspire me to crawl back and go to bed. But I was out now. And already dripping with sweat, so I may as well get something out of it, right?

I discovered a department store that stocks the item and went there.


Oh! Another department stor- CLOSED.

And … well, you can imagine what it was like parading up and down Orchard Road in the middle of the day and after 45 minutes of walking (and sweating for 44.5 minutes of those) I was a cranky cow.


One last place to try … I give up on finding the bus stop and jump in a taxi, follow the driver’s advice, and ten minutes later I’m delivered to another department store. I’m nervous. Mum is on standby via text. Poor woman.

I wind my way through the labyrinth of nose-tickling perfumes and undersized clothing (that’s another story) and … there it is … Surrounded with the glow of fluorescent lighting that bounces from its chrome fittings … It’s Pixie.

Currently I’m working my way through the sample pods so I can decide which ones I want and arrange for them to be delivered (I don’t plan on going to Orchard Road any time soon after the last adventure). I’m finally caffeinated. No more cranky cow syndrome! Hurrah!

There is nothing like a delicious cup of coffee in the morning. Or at lunch. Or when you get home from a long day at work. Or when you’re on a Bones marathon (super-duper Christmas present from my Dad and stepmum). Or when you’re staring out at Indonesia from your bedroom.

Or, as I will be re-discovering this weekend, when you’re sipping a large coffee from your newly purchased bucket mug while churning through words and words and words writing the next novel that will likely sit untouched for several years to come bestseller.


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