S is for Singapore

I find myself asking a lot of questions of people who have been here longer than I have …Questions like:

Is it safe to walk at night in this area?

Is the food good over at that part of town?

What’s the shopping centre like where you are?

Can I get X item here?

No matter what the question is, the answer always seems to be the same:

It’s Singapore.

I always laugh at that, and then I try to explain that yes, I know it’s Singapore, but what does that mean?

It’s a way of life, of having what you want (if you’re prepared to pay for it), and of being safe and taken care of. My meals are cooked for me, I can walk on a dark street late at night and be relatively safe (as the local police say, low crime doesn’t mean no crime), and things are cheap enough over here that I can jump in a taxi when I’m running late (but not enough that I’m allowed to run late more than twice a month). It’s Singapore.

I think I’m coming to understand what it means to be in Singapore. I still have little moments when I feel a sudden sense of awareness that I’m in Singapore. I arrived with a flurry of chaos and activity around packing up and arriving that now I’m actually settled (well, as much as a nomad like me can be) it’s strange to think this is Singapore, and I’m here, and I’m going to be here for a long time (remembering that, to me, more than one month of committment is a darn long time).

People ask me if I’m settling in well or if I need anything or if I miss anything … Well, I feel perfectly at home. Sure, there are days when I miss my cat (seriously, I really miss my cat), crave a cup of coffee with a friend, or have a moment of confusion when I go to pour two cups of tea and discover my mother isn’t at my elbow asking if I remembered the sweeteners, but overall I really do feel perfectly at home.

I mean, come on … It’s Singapore.



2 comments on “S is for Singapore

  1. Wonderful to read all your posts, Stef. I have been thinking of you and we all miss you here, of course. Pretty sure Sweetpea misses you too! What an adventure you’re having! (Oh, to be young again …) Good for you, beautiful.

    • I have been thinking of you especially this past week and wondering how you are! I hope you’re planning on coming to visit – this morning I tested out my new coffee machine and it is WONDERFUL! I’ll keep testing it out to be sure it will work well when you do come for a visit 😉

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