P is for Planning

Indonesia in February, Thailand in March … I’m thinking Eastern Europe over Christmas (it’s a four week holiday) and perhaps a weekend in Beijing – three weeks into living in Singapore and the travel plans are already being … planned.

One of the perks of teaching is that you don’t have to apply for leave – you automatically get holidays and you can plan well ahead for them because they’re on the calendar right from the start. I won’t lie: I love this part of teaching. Any teacher who says they don’t love the holidays is lying*.

I’m planning … relaxing holidays, cooking lessons, elephant encounters, lazy beach-bumming with a book, weekend spas, wandering through rainforests, and and and … lots of things. I have a list.

First: Indonesia in February. Then: the world (again)! YAY!




*I will, however, defend a lot of teachers who spend their holidays working – many teachers do spend holiday time organising their classrooms and their lessons, and don’t get a “holiday” all the time. Plus, they have to put up with kids five days a week – they deserve every break they get.


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