N is for Noodles

The food over here is … not what I normally eat. While I won’t lie and say I eat healthy food all the time, I do eat a fair amount of fresh fruit and vegetables on a daily basis.

Alas, fresh fruit and vegetables have not been a staple food for me here. Or any part of my personal food pyramid, really – other than as a garnish. Eating out is so common that when I tell people I like to cook the response is usually along the lines of: “Why bother? You can have food made for you so cheap!” And it’s true! I paid $12 for a meal with drink and felt ripped off … it’s rare that a dish is more than $4 and it’s usually delicious and tasty and delicious. Super delicious.

I was spoilt by one of my coworkers who took me out for dinner last week and introduced me to popiah, the best satay I’ve ever eaten, and a weird fish curry thing in a leaf (that’s about as accurate as my description of that delicious wobbly mass can get). I’m loving the noodles, rolling in prata, and have developed unique cravings that can only be satisfied by chicken rice.

Oh! And the bubble drinks! I LOVE the bubble drinks!

The food here is fantastic. It’s true – eating out is cheap, convenient, and delicious. Unfortunately, I do miss having a light chicken salad for dinner and a cheesy omelette for breakfast … and I definitely miss snacking on fresh apples and juicy mandarins. Once I’ve gotten to know where the good grocery stores are, I’m looking forward to having my cheesy omelettes and salads once more … and I can’t wait to bite into an apple. Until then, I guess I’ll just have to live on popiah, bubble drinks, and prata. And maybe start getting off the bus a stop early so I can get some extra exercise in!


4 comments on “N is for Noodles

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