M is for Money

Mmm, we all love money – right? I’m laughing at myself more than ever at the moment because I am a notorious scrimper and saver. Where there’s a dollar to be saved, I’ll save it. Where there isn’t a dollar to be saved … well, I just won’t spend it, so it’s saved anyway. It’s not just about not wanting to buy myself nice things, but also about not wanting to spend money. At all. Ever. On anything.

I had a lazy morning today and stretched out in my new bed (well, new for me). I felt the soft cotton of my bedsheets, the cushy feathers of my pillows, and smoothed a hand over the cushion that started it all.

Ah, the cushion.

When I went shopping for bed linen and towels I had a list. The list was written after visiting the website of the store and writing down all the products I needed – and the cheapest options they had. My list looked something like this:

  • mattress protector $15
  • sheets + pillow cases $25
  • doona + cover $100
  • pillow x 2 $30
  • towels x 2 $20

With my list and budget in mind, I marched off to the store …

… Only to discover that the sheets I had listed felt rough and … cheap.

And the doona cover I had chosen looked thin and … cheap.

And the towels were rough and … cheap.

I fretted over plump and unplump pillows. Glared with distress at doonas. Poked linen listlessly. Prodded towels with gritted teeth. I almost ran away because of how overwhelmed I was by the bright lights and abundance of homewares.

But then my gaze landed on a cushion. It’s a pretty simple cushion – it’s brown with an “old map” sort of print, complete with elaborate compass in the corner and strange country names in pseudo-latin.

Despite my plans for theming the room with bold black, white and red, I found the brown cushion intriguing. It was also the cost I had budgeted for two (cheap and crappy and unplump) pillows. It’s not like I need a cushion. I only sleep with one pillow – I just like a second pillow for when I’m sitting up in bed reading. Buying a cushion is thoroughly impractical and completely unnecessary, so I put it in the trolley.

And then I chose four plump and comfortable pillows because – dammit! – I really do love pillows. And then I chose the more expensive doona because it felt nicer. And I went for a much nicer cover because … it looked so lovely, especially with the cushion against it. And the sheets! Triple the budget but so soft and comfortable! And thick towels to match the ensemble …Oh! And a truly adorable lamp! And … Let’s just say my room looks great.

Looking at my bed now – which I’m actually inspired to make and excited about sleeping in – I realise how important it is to choose quality over price. Not to mention the fact that I actually like the products I chose.

Thank goodness for credit cards.

After all, it’s only money.


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