K is for Kindness

I had a pretty average morning yesterday which descended into madness after trying to fix my phone and receiving terrible customer service from my Australian telephone company. By the time I got to work I was trying not to think about how crazy the world is and how frustrated I get by the tiniest of things – insignificant as they are, they do matter.

Focusing on the positive, I displayed the new stamps I had bought the day before to use on student worksheets when marking and apparently my enthusiasm was quite entertaining! We laughed and I went a bit stamp-mad on a blank sheet of paper – my mood lifted.

After a short break one of the other teachers presented me with a little parcel in a plastic bag – a whole selection of stamps (colours galore!) just for me! I was so surprised by this act of kindness – especially as I was later informed that this gesture is possibly a result of his concussion as it’s not his usual behaviour (which also says a lot about judgement). It absolutely made my day. There was a rush of “kindness” to follow – invitations to social events from friends (and friends of friends), a language lesson with our admin lady and discussion of customs for Chinese New Year, the hotel letting me check in early this morning,* and the simple awareness that kindness doesn’t mean great big displays of generosity. Kindness is all about the thought behind the gesture – and knowing someone has thought of you.




* I move into my apartment in four more sleeps and changed hotels this morning to be closer to work.



7 comments on “K is for Kindness

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  2. Loved the last line of this post. Good takeaway … Looking forward to reading more exciting stories from Singapore. Hopefully you’re getting time to write as well.

    • I’m not writing as much as I’d like to at the moment but I’m putting that down to “settling in” – I’ve been keeping a journal and writing my Expat Alphabet so I’m not feeling too separated from my muse! I also find it hard to type on my laptop keyboard – can’t wait to set up a proper desk with my wireless keyboard and laptop stand! Ah, I’m a lady of luxury … !

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