J is for Jeans

I love my jeans. I love, love my jeans. They are my comfort zone, in a nut shell. They are reliable, constant, and so darn comfortable.

Unfortunately, they are no longer as comfortable as they used to be. They are a tad too loose – I’m constantly hitching them up – and it is too hot to wear them over here. And there’s the dress code to consider.

My comfort zone has changed.

We all have a favourite of jeans, I’m sure. The comfy ones you can drag on in the morning and know will work no matter what the day brings.

But when I wear mine here, I get hot and sticky and stuffy. Uncomfortable.

Now I’m learning to love skirts and shorts. Learning. I am still in the process – it’s not complete yet and I still gaze longingly at my jeans each morning before opting for something more practical.

I miss my jeans.

But you know what? I have damn-nice legs! They look great in a skirt! Who knew … !


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