H is for Home

Finding long-term accommodation has been a challenge. I arrived with expectations of a certain living standard within a certain budget – I wanted my own apartment and I wanted to be comfortable. I didn’t expect luxury, but what I saw was so far from it that I became quite disillusioned with the whole experience. Finding a home has (so far) been the most exhausting part of moving to Singapore. I’ve since changed the requirement to wanting a room so that I can save lots of money for travel and live in a slightly nicer place.

After changing agents, I was shown two rooms. I wanted an ensuite bathroom but they are hard to get, expensive, and often (to save space) the shower is positioned just over the toilet with the idea that you sit on the toilet (lid down) to shower – and everything else in the bathroom gets just as wet. Both rooms were “nearly perfect” – they weren’t ensuite but I am the only tenant using the common bathroom so, aside from if visitors need the bathroom, it’s mine. The shower is separated from the toilet, the bedroom is furnished, and I share the living area and kitchen.

The one I have chosen is gorgeous. It looks over the ocean, the other tenants are a lovely professional couple, and the apartment is high up so when I want fresh air the cool breeze comes right off the sea. It has its imperfections (I’m going to pretend the highway noise is the ocean, OK?) but the location is perfect, the facilities are more luxurious than I expected to get, and when I stepped into the room I felt at home.

Home is where your stuff is – for now, my stuff is going to be overlooking the ocean on the coast of Singapore.


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