E is for Energy

I have benefited from some very encouraging messages and emails around my move to Singapore, all wishing me well and expressing excitement for the opportunities that await. For these, I am grateful – thank you. I am an optimist (most of the time) and I am fairly adaptable (when I don’t go into stressed-out melt-down control-freak mode). I am very happy to be in Singapore, and I am very exciting about the experience overall.

That doesn’t mean, however, that sometimes – usually after I’ve looked at yet another filthy apartment or been told that there is no where suitable to live that fits my budget and expectations (both of which are fairly low) – I feel like I want to pack up and head home.

We are creatures of habit. There are people who are perfectly happy never to leave their home country. There are some people who have the same job at the same place for decades – it’s the only job they’ve ever had. I know lots of these people and they seem so content! Doing things that come easily is so easy – why should we challenge ourselves and push ourselves just that little bit harder?

My energy is challenged by the climate, the change in diet, and the lack of a fixed address. I’ve started a new job in a new place and I’m still living out of a suitcase! At the moment, my energy levels are fluctuating between excited enthusiasm and apathetic exhaustion. Exhausted from the constant need to spend every spare moment looking for long-term accommodation. Energised at the possibility that tonight’s viewing might be “the one”. Exhausted with the usual learning curve associated with a new job. Energised with the great hours and possibilities for travel.

I am getting enough sleep, eating regular meals (last night’s dinner of a Kit-Kat and peppermint tea is not included in that, mmk?), and I have the support of my new friends and colleagues here in Singapore as well as the encouragement of my friends and family beyond.

I’m also homeless, running out of clean clothes, overheated, and missing my cat. I physically feel great. Mentally and emotionally … well, maybe I’ll have a Kit-Kat for lunch, too. (I won’t really – there’s a great Indian place next door and they have delicious prata with my name on it.)

Regardless of my changing energy levels I will not run home just yet. While it’s tempting to go back to my comfort zone, I just can’t stand the thought of life being too easy. Life’s not meant to be hard – I just love a good challenge.


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