C is for Climate

It’s hot here. And humid. And hot. Really, really hot. Fortunately air conditioning is everywhere and it’s on my “must have” list for wherever I end up living. But it’s hot. Really, really, really hot.

I’m a winter girl. I like knee-high boots, wool jumpers, red wine, thick blankets, log fires, hot beverages … I like getting warm and cosy when it’s freezing outside. When you’re cold you can add more layers. When you’re hot … well, I’m only allowed to get so naked before there’s serious trouble in public places. Not to mention the nightmares I give the unfortunate witnesses.

Air conditioning. I keep my hotel room at a steady 18 degrees celsius. Mmm … I am working on upping it slightly to acclimatise before I venture beyond into the 28 degrees celsius with 79% humidity outside. I do need to eat … or do I?

It’s hot here. I’m challenging my climate comfort zone.

Did I mention it’s hot in Singapore? It is. In case you were wondering.


11 comments on “C is for Climate

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