B is for Boat (of the Junk kind)

I spent my evening on a Junk Boat cruising around the coast of Singapore. I’m not sure I ever thought I’d write something like that, but there you have it!

Asia was never really an area I was interested in visiting (up until recently). I always imagined travelling extensively through Europe, living in the UK, maybe marrying an Italian (actually, I passed that phase and moved on to wanting to marry an Irish man after discovering Ireland in 2008), and maybe settling down in a villa in Tuscany. It was only in 2010 that I thought I might like to visit Asia one day, and in 2011 I started to consider it as a new location for fun backpacking adventures. It is a little strange to now say I live in Asia – how life changes!

It is official. I have a Singaporean bank account, receive my employment card next week, and am struggling to comprehend the mobile phone options (a local phone is currently in the “too hard” basket). I’ve looked at apartments, eaten local food, and … sat on a Junk Boat while observing the skyline of my new home as the sun went down. Disclaimer: the Junk Boat is not nearly as adventurous as it sounds!

In 2011 my resolutions for the year included travelling overseas at least once each year, and saying yes to everything. I’ve woken up on the first day of 2012 in Singapore – my new home (for two years, anyway). Needless to say, I’m being very cautious about resolutions for 2012!

I hope you have all enjoyed the holidays, whatever it is you celebrate, and that your 2012 is full of joy and adventure!


3 comments on “B is for Boat (of the Junk kind)

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