Weekly Grammar Tip: Me / I

We all know an annoying person who corrects your use of “me” to “I” with a smirk of self-righteousness, but did you know that it’s not always correct to say “Bob and I”? Often it is correct to say “Bob and me” – so you can turn that self-righteous smirk into a shame-faced blush! So how do you know when to use “me” or “I”?

If you are going to the park, would you say:

I am going to the park.


Me is going to the park.

Hopefully, you would say “I am going to the park” – and if Fergal is going with you, then “Fergal and I are going to the park”.

How about:

Would you like to come shopping with Martha and I?


Would you like to come shopping with Martha and me?

If you’d like to come shopping with Martha and me, you’re correct – you’d go shopping with “me”, not “I”.

It’s as simple as that! Think of what you would say if it was just you and then add the other people (and remember, they should come first).


Bob gave me chocolate. (NOT: Granny gave I chocolate.)

Bob gave my sister and me chocolate.

I love grammar. (NOT: Me love grammar.)

Fergal and I love grammar.


9 comments on “Weekly Grammar Tip: Me / I

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  2. I love this one too! I remember the day I was taught to simply take away the other person and if it still made sense then I had it right. I’m not sure why it’s not taught as simply as that?!

    • I remember being corrected ALL THE TIME to say “my sister and I” … when I learnt the actual rule, things certainly changed! It’s so easy!

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