Weekly Grammar Tip: Subject

Sentences generally consist of a noun, a verb, and a subject. The subject is the “thing” that is doing or being –  the what or who that is acting out the verb. For example:

  • The cat slept on the bed.

The cat is the subject of the sentence because it is sleeping. The bed is the noun.

Yes, the cat is also a noun (a person, animal, place or thing), but in breaking apart this sentence the cat becomes the subject because the sentence is about the cat doing something.

Some more examples of subjects, verbs and nouns:

  • Fergal [subject] loves [verb] books [noun].
  • I [subject] like to eat [verb] chocolate [noun].



3 comments on “Weekly Grammar Tip: Subject

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    • All things involving cats are wonderful! Mine is currently snoozing in the only empty space on the bed, surrounded by what can only be described as “chaos”.

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