Weekly Grammar Tip: Adjectives

You’re so adjective!

Adjectives are used with nouns to add description; they are describing words. For example:

  • The fat cat slept on the soft bed.
  • Fergal ate the delicious chocolate eagerly.
  • I never thought I would see Fern looking so beautiful.

Adjectives are used to create imagery and help your reader imagine what you are describing. Have a look at the difference between these two sentences:

  • The trees lined the street.


  • The orange and russet trees lined the dark, grey street.

By adding adjectives the description details the season, saving a clumsy addition of “It is autumn”. You can use too many adjectives, though! No one likes reading about the orange, russet, crimson and gold leaves on the dark brown, gnarled trunks of the trees that line the long, dark, grey street – they get lost somewhere in the middle because there are too many adjectives fighting for attention!

Be adjective!



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