Weekly Grammar Tip: Nouns and Pronouns

What’s in a noun?

Nouns are naming words. Like verbs, they are one of the key parts to a sentence because the noun tells you who or what is involved.

  • The cat purred loudly on the bed.
  • Let’s go to Peru with Martha and visit the library in Lima.
  • Betty loves eating chocolate while lounging on the couch and drinking wine.

A noun can be a person, animal, place or thing. To avoid sounding repetitive in your writing, you can use pronouns. A pronoun is used to replace a noun, for example:

  • The cat purred loudly before she stretched her legs and jumped into my lap. (Much better than “the cat purred loudly before the cat stretched the cat’s legs”, right?)
  • Betty enjoys her chocolate with her friends and they spend many hours chatting.
  • Paris is lovely in Spring, though I love it best in Winter.

There are lots of different types of pronouns and while they’re all used regularly in everyday speech and writing, the ones most commonly known are personal pronouns, such as “I”, “you”, “him” and “she”. These are divided into further categories, but I don’t think I’ll torture you just yet … I will later – consider yourself warned!

Enjoy your nouns!

9 comments on “Weekly Grammar Tip: Nouns and Pronouns

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    • Fergal and Fern are visiting Paris to write books about the Notre Dame. Betty and Martha are temporarily assisting in the demonstration of nouns before they return to their homes in Venezuela and Singapore, respectively.

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