Weekly Grammar Tip: Verbs

Shall we verb?

Verbs are doing words. They are one of the key parts to a sentence because the verb tells you what is happening – or what someone or something is doing.

  • It is still raining, even though it rained all night and the dogs keep barking.
  • He smiled and decided to buy the most expensive champagne.
  • Walking quickly, she tucked the grammar guide into her pocket and concealed the red pen in her sleeve.

To spot a verb, try adding “to” before it – to run, to drink, to sing, to write – and think of a verb as being used “to do” something. You cannot “to beautiful” or “to Paris” – but you can “be” beautiful (to be) or “go” to Paris (to go).

Another trick is to add “-ing” to the word – dancing, eating, laughing – and think of the verb as being an action taking place. You cannot “prettying” or “teaing” – but you can be “making” something pretty or “drinking” a cup of tea.

Happy Verbing!


9 comments on “Weekly Grammar Tip: Verbs

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