The Last Day

Today is my last day at work. I am nervous. Worried. Excited. Thrilled. Terrified.

I have nothing to go to. I submit my dissertation next week and that’s as far as I’ve planned. Oh, liberty! No … Not really. I don’t feel free, I feel … Obligated.

The thing is, in not having a “plan” I have no excuse to not write.

Oh, yes, you read right – I won’t have an excuse not to write.

I’ll try to hide behind the noise of the house, or the discomfort of my crappy chair at my wobbly desk … but I won’t have the more acceptable excuses: I’ll have plenty of time, no valid distractions, and endless access to coffee.



2 comments on “The Last Day

  1. I couldn’t help but think of the phrase when faced with the idea of having to write, write, write! I am terribly nervous about this silver lining … but also thrilled!

  2. Haha! What an apt video attachment.

    Well, I lost my job a couple of weeks back, and when I posted about it, a kind blogger commented:

    “At least you’ll have more time to write now.”

    I love silver linings. 😉

    Best of luck with your… um… “real shit”.

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