versatile (noun) – capable of many skills, variable or changeable

I’ve had a very busy week of tormented thoughts and woe-is-me harrumphing – you know, typical grumpy-writer behaviour. Yet it doesn’t take much to lift me out of a slump and so life got a little more sparkly when the Versy came ’round! In fact, it came to me three times (that I’m aware) from three blogs I thoroughly enjoy: the ever delightful Storytelling Nomad, the thoroughly enjoyable My Other Book is a Tolstoy, and the recently discovered Mini State of Mind. Thank you!

What next?

  • Post a link to the person who gave you the award.
  • Tell your readers seven random things about yourself.
  • Award 15 newly discovered blogs.
  • Send them a note letting them know you nominated them.

Here are my seven random things:

  1. I speak Italian. I started studying it in high school and when I was fifteen I went on exchange to Milan for two months. I’ve since been back to Italy (and to my host family in Milan) several times. When people find out I speak Italian they automatically assume I (or my family) are Italian – I’m not, they aren’t – it’s purely a passion for the language and culture!
  2. All I want is a cottage in the country. I don’t need fame or fortune, I just want a little cottage that I can call ‘mine’. I want to fill it with books and spend my days reading and writing … And maybe a little bit of travel when the mood strikes. *wishes*
  3. I collect magnets. It started when I went to Europe in 2008/9 and I decided to get a magnet from every town or city I visited in the six weeks I was there. In 2010 I decided to limit this to a magnet from every country – I went to too many towns or cities to get one from everywhere and still have room for my books in my backpack! They’re currently in a box with my other souvenirs and photo albums – one day, I want a magnetic wall in my cottage so I can cover it with all the magnets I’ve collected.
  4. My sister is a brilliant photographer. I know that’s not really a random fact about me, but it’s a pretty awesome fact about my baby sister. You should totally check out her website!
  5. I don’t have a hero. I actually hate when people ask me who I look up to or who I admire and see as a mentor or hero. I don’t have one, and I haven’t ever really had a hero, though I have admired certain people. This doesn’t mean I want to be like them or seek to emulate their achievements or personal creeds, it just means I respect what they do (or have done). I actually find that people who stick a poster of their hero on the wall and say “I want to be like this person!” are a little bit creepy. Single White Female, anyone?
  6. I used a kindle this week. Seriously. I need some time to digest my thoughts and feelings about the whole experience! I feel unclean. Yet also a little bit excited.
  7. Sunday is my favourite day of the week. I actually try not to make plans for Sundays, or I at least try to minimise the need for an early morning or stressful experience. When I was at Uni doing my undergraduate degree, Sundays were the only day I had off work (the shop was closed on Sundays – yay!) and Sunday became a bit of a sacred day. It was a day to frump around in PJs and get some Uni work done, or curl up with movies on the couch, or stay in bed with a book. It remains my favourite day of the week!

Now, some blog plugs … The three previously mentioned blogs are all very fabulous, and I’m not sure I can come up with twelve more (keeping up with fifteen blogs is a big ask for a lazy person like me!) but here is a list of blogs I really enjoy reading:



3 comments on “versatile (noun) – capable of many skills, variable or changeable

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  2. Oh my, how embarrassing! I read this post several days ago… But stopped after I read your interesting fact about yourself! I completely missed my own blog name in there!

    But, thank you (now that I’ve finally seen it!). I am very grateful. (:

    And congrats on being given the award yourself.

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