Book Review: ‘A Web of Air’ by Philip Reeve

Book Title: A Web of Air

Author: Philip Reeve

Genre: Science Fiction

Summary: Set two years after Fever Crumb, this book continues to explore the ‘prequel’ setting before the Mortal Engines series begins. As she builds a flying machine with Arlo and dodges the assassins who seek to thwart their plans (and progress their own politics), Fever learns more about herself and we learn more about the intricacies behind the futuristic world.

Favourite Scene: The opening scene in which Ruan runs around with a tragic French “accent”. Too adorable.

Favourite Character: Arlo. I know it’s cliche to like one of the main characters, but seriously … He’s so well-written!

Review:  I love the way Fever is slowly becoming a stronger, more intricate person in this book. The conflict in her character between reason and emotion as she experiences first love and questions the purpose to her life provides a rich exploration of identity and personal development. I especially love the relationships she has with the children and the way the conflict affects her decisions and interactions with others. She is one of my favourite characters … ever.


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