Weekly Grammar Tip: Exclamation Marks

An exclamation mark is generally used at the end of a sentence to give a sense of excitement or surprise, for example: ‘I can’t believe he beat me!’

Using an exclamation mark is pretty straightforward, just be wary of the tone that it gives to your writing. Note the difference:

  • I can’t believe he beat me.
  • I can’t believe he beat me!

The first might be said with slumped shoulders and a pout while the second might be said with disbelief and anger or surprise.

An exclamation mark is only ever used ONCE at the end of a sentence, regardless of how excited or surprised one may be. ‘!!!’ means the same as ‘!’ therefore it is unnecessary to use more than one exclamation mark.


4 comments on “Weekly Grammar Tip: Exclamation Marks

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  2. I’m guilty of a few consecutive exclamation marks on the ol’ blog. But when I’m writing stories and assignments I cull those babies like nothing else!

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