Book Review: ‘A Darkling Plain’ by Philip Reeve

Book Title: A Darkling Plain

Author: Philip Reeve

Genre: Science Fiction

Summary: The fourth and final book in the Mortal Engines series! GASP! It picks up the pieces left behind in the first three novels and follows Hester and Shrike, Wren and Tom, and a few other characters as the Green Storm do just that – storm through the novel with a zeal for restoration of the earth that leaves you trembling with disbelief, respect, and completely wide eyes.

Favourite Scene: The gradual decay of a certain pair of bodies with a certain watchful guardian beside them.

Favourite Character: Stalker Fang. Seriously. The duality of her character is stunning, beautifully written, and entirely believable.

Review:  LOVE! This book could not be pried from my fingers while I read it – well into the evening and into the early hours of the morning. I pulled off the packaging as soon as it arrived in my mailbox and I was gone for the rest of the day. The brilliance of Green Storm as environmental activism to the extreme with Stalker Fang’s amazing characterisation made for an excellent, enjoyable examination of environmentalism today. The ending of the novel left me squealing (just a tad) and wanting to pick up the first and enjoy the serious all over again. And I love, love, love Tom and Hester.

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