Book Review: ‘Infernal Devices’ by Philip Reeve

Book Title: Infernal Devices

Author: Philip Reeve

Genre: Science Fiction

Summary: This is the third book in the Mortal Engines series and follows Wren as she seeks adventure sixteen years after Predator’s Gold. Central to the novel is the Tin Book which leads to much adventure and mayhem and – eventually – a foreboding end to Infernal Devices which will leave you grabbing for the final novel in the series eagerly. Secrets are revealed, lives are changed … Oh! Yay!

Favourite Scene: When Hester frees Tom from the slavers. Seriously, the woman kicks butt.

Favourite Character: I did not like Wren. Sorry. I do, however, have a great love for Shrike, probably because of how much he loves Hester despite supposedly being an inhuman, unfeeling being.

Review:  This is my least favourite book in the series however it does set up some fantastic structure for the final novel as well as gathering up the loose ends from the previous two. I very much felt like this novel was a “transition” novel and I read it quickly, eager to get on to the next and still reeling from the previous.


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