Top Five Tools for Writers

Lately I’ve been reflecting on writing and noticed there are a few things on which I’ve come to rely, aside from endless cups of coffee and encouraging words from friends and family!

Coffee. I don’t think I need to explain this further.

Scrivener is an excellent program and it is soon to be available for Windows users – finally! I’ve been using the beta version (tentatively and with lots and lots of back ups) for about six months now and I’m already lining up for the full version. It’s a great tool that helps organise your various projects in such a way that you start to wonder what you did before it. I love, love how easy it is to use and it appeals to my cluttered mind and preference for visual organisation of my fragmented thoughts.

Reading material – because if you are struggling to write, get inspired. I like to read as much as I can and challenging myself with genres and styles I wouldn’t normally read can provide some interesting perspectives that might change your approach to writing.

The Writer’s Journey by Christopher Vogler is one of my favourite reference books and I constantly find sources of inspiration for characters and plot within its pages. Drawing on Joseph Campbell’s work on the Hero’s Journey, it provides some fascinating information on Jungian archetypes and plot development. For me, it’s not a rule but a great guide!

Moleskine notebooks are seriously gorgeous and can be purchased from The Book Depository at very competitive prices. I have little ones floating around in my handbag and a pile of ruled and unruled Moleskines waiting to be filled. Best way to keep track of your ideas on the go – just remember to tuck a pen or pencil away, too (though in emergencies, lipstick works – trust me)!

Which tool can’t you do without?


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