Book Review: ‘Predator’s Gold’ by Philip Reeve

Book Title: Predator’s Gold

Author: Philip Reeve

Genre: Science Fiction

Summary: The second book in the Mortal Engines series, Predator’s Gold is set two years after Mortal Engines and follows the relationship between Tom and Hester and the tensions between the Anti-Traction League and the Traction cities. An additional world is introduced – that of the Lost Boys who reside in an underwater city. As Tom and Hester negotiate their own relationship problems, a city seeks a paradise in which to settle – North America – and the Anti-Traction League reveals plots and plans that might prove problematic for the world!

Favourite Scene: When Hester gets seriously peeved at Tom (vague to avoid spoilers) – this is a woman who you do NOT want to scorn!

Favourite Character: Heather is a bitch in this novel – and I love her. I can understand her anger, her frustration, her jealousy, and her need for vengeance. She is such a well-written character that you cannot help but understand why she thinks the way she thinks.

Review: Noticing a pattern? I bet you can guess what I’ll be reviewing next week! Reeve – as usual – writes brilliantly in this second novel of the series. I especially love his depiction of Grimsby and the Lost Boys are a favourite part of the book (and series) for me. There is a truly gorgeous quality to the turbulent relationship between Tom and Hester and I cannot help but envy the love between them – these are two very different people who somehow find ‘home’ with one another, and this ‘home’ works regardless of what others think and believe.


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