Weekly Grammar Tip: its/it’s

What’s the difference between ‘its’ and ‘it’s’?

IT’S is the contraction of ‘it is’ and ‘it has’, for example: ‘It’s impossible to catch Fergal, he’s so fast’ and ‘Would you believe it’s taken three hours to drive here today?’

ITS implies ownership, for example: ‘The cat sharpened its claws’ and ‘Chocolate is best served on its own or with ice cream’.

IT’S always a lovely day when the bird is singing ITS cheerful song.

In general adding ‘ ‘s ‘ to the end of the word should only be done when you are contracting the word with ‘is’, for example: ‘Fergal’s really good at making cakes’ or to imply a noun (NOT a pronoun!) having ownership, for example: ‘Fern’s toes are great when they twinkle’.

The following examples are incorrect: ‘I have a lot of book’s’ and ‘There are lots of tree’s in the forest’. These words are plural and do not require apostrophes.


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