Book Review: ‘Mortal Engines’ by Philip Reeve

Book Title: Mortal Engines

Author: Philip Reeve

Genre: Science Fiction

Summary: The first book in the Mortal Engines series (known as The Hungry City Chronicles in the USA), Mortal Engines opens with an introduction to Tom Natsworthy and life in the traction city of London. He is soon removed from his home and life on the moving city and finds himself travelling with Hester Shaw. Tom’s perception of London and municipal Darwinism is challenged as he learns the truth behind his childhood hero’s success and becomes part of a plot that challenges the very life he wishes to have.

Favourite Scene: The opening line. Nomnomnom.

Favourite Character: Anna Fang – she is a strong, passionate woman who sees more than she lets on and knows more than you think. I love that she is compassionate and can kick your arse. Seriously.

Review: I love Philip Reeve. Well, I don’t know him but I love him for his novels. When I closed Mortal Engines I had to breathe deeply and concentrate on making sure I remembered to continue doing so for fear that the words I’d just read – the world I had just been in, the characters I had just met – suddenly became real and I would find myself living on a hungry city. One of the things that terrifies me about well-written post-apocalyptic fiction is that it is plausible; Reeve writes like he knows something we don’t. His characters have flaws, his world is fascinating, and he writes brilliant, interesting stories. Mortal Engines is no exception – if anything, it is proof that Reeve is one of the few successful contemporary writers who is more than a phase.

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