To motivate the unmotivated

I find that writing can, at times, be a chore.

You read it right.

Sometimes I don’t want to write.

Is this a bad thing?

I’ve been feeling especially unmotivated these last few weeks because of the loss of my dissertation and various other factors. My apathy leads me to writing lists, so here is a list of thoughts running through my head:

So this week I’ve been doing other things. Here’s another list:

  • Watching television (Teen Wolf and Being Human are the current favourites).
  • Watching movies (my sister and I are re-discovering the joys of weekly movie hire).
  • Working.
  • Reading. (You know those crazy people who stand on the train platform with their head in a book yet still manage to get on the crowded peak hour train and score a seat? Yeap, that’s me!)
  • Not writing.
  • Eating.
  • Being a tad miserable.
  • Glaring at my laptop and wishing I didn’t hate it so much my workspace was actually comfortable.

I am completely unmotivated. And I feel like the more I wallow, the deeper my rut of unmotivation becomes. Is there a point? Why do I write (or, as we see here, not write)? The few times I’ve thought about my dissertation have resulted in slight panic attacks and tears. The few times I’ve thought of writing anything for myself on a creative level have resulted in self-doubt and fury at my inability as a writer.


How do you motivate the unmotivated?

What is a writer who doesn’t write?


7 comments on “To motivate the unmotivated

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    • Do you think it’s possible to have external motivators for when the internal ones fail? Some people are externally driven so perhaps I can switch teams and go from internally motivated to externally motivated! On my external motivation list I have: chocolate, red wine, coffee, my insane cat who has managed to ruin my brand new pjs this morning, and a very awesome writing program (Scrivener). Are these enough to overcome the internal voices of self-doubt and apathy?

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