Book Review: ‘Tinkers’ by Paul Harding

I thoroughly enjoyed reading Tinkers for the characters and for the intricate imagery Harding creates with his words. This is a Pulitzer Prize-winning novel though it has a story of rejection and draw-lining status like many great novels whose discovery had to wait.

The novel follows the last days of a clock maker, George, as he lays dying and his world falls apart as he transcends time. At first I found it hard to sift through the dense language but once I got into the rhythm of the descriptions and the images that rose up from the pages I found it hard to put down – not for being a suspenseful page-turner (it’s not) but because the language draws you in and it’s hard to get back into the pages if you leave it for even a moment, harder still to leave it in the first place!

Overall I really enjoyed this novel; it is a perfect example of intricate simplicity.


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