Book Review: A Kiss in Time by Alex Flinn

I really enjoyed Alex Flinn’s Beastly so I was quite eager to read A Kiss in Time particularly as it is a modern day retelling of ‘Sleeping Beauty’, complete with mobile phones and misunderstood parents/teenagers.

‘Sleeping Beauty’ is a fairy tale about a princess who is cursed at birth to prick her finger on a spindle, falling into a deep sleep – along with her kingdom – and only pulled from this enchantment by a prince’s kiss. Good fairies, bad fairies … princesses, princes … you know the drill.

Unfortunately, I was disappointed. I was expecting some clever originality and refreshing ideas but despite the alternating first person narrative between Talia and Jack, there was nothing that made me go ‘wow’. I enjoyed it. It was light and somewhat entertaining. Maybe a thirteen year old would find it more exciting than I did. Don’t get me wrong – the princess pricks her finger and falls asleep, and three hundred years later an American finds her and kisses her. She runs away with him to America, disguised with a false passport obtained a little too easily for my liking. Granted, a lost kingdom is also a bit farfetched, so let’s be open with our imaginations.

Where the fairy tale ends, however, is where the novel really begins. The kingdom is suddenly pulled from the past into a pretty crazy future (i.e. today) and Talia gets on a plane to America and engages in all kinds of “typical” teen American pursuits while trying to make Jack fall in love with her – Jello shots being the most prominent in my mind. It did get better towards the end, however, and I liked the representation of the ‘evil fairy’ and the transformation of the relationships between the teens and their parents, even if it was pretty typical of teen fiction.

Maybe Cloaked will be more enjoyable …


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