Weekly Grammar Tip: where/wear/were

What is the difference between ‘where’, ‘wear’ and ‘were’?

WHERE is a place or position, for example: ‘Where is the bottle shop?’ and ‘Who knows where that book is set’.

WEAR is a verb which is used with clothing, for example: ‘I would like to wear the boots you bought me’ and ‘Fergal likes to wear pink socks’.

WERE is sometimes confused because of the spelling of the word. This is past tense for the word ‘are’, for example: ‘Fergal and Fern are funny’ becomes ‘Fergal and Fern were funny’. Additional examples of the word: ‘There were too many people at the carnival’ and ‘Fergal and Fern were searching for hidden chocolate’.

NB The word ‘were’ is past tense for ‘are’ and ‘was’ is past tense for ‘is’. For example: [incorrect] There was lots of people [correct] There were lots of people.

WHERE WERE you when I was trying to figure out what to WEAR?!


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