Top Five Websites for Readers and Writers

I spend a lot of time procrastinating on the Internet and I have some favourite places where I go to get lost and avoid doing work inspiration and motivation …

Write It Sideways was recommended to me by a friend and, like a lot of links I get sent, I never really followed it. Then I saw a post about filter words. I was enlightened! Ever since then I’ve been an avid reader.

The Book Depository is my favourite online bookstore and I tend to go there daily and add another book I’ve been recommended or stumbled across to my shopping cart. When I’ve made room on my credit card I sit back and wait for the little brown packages to arrive. I don’t run, except on mail days when I bound to the gate to relieve the mailman of his book-laden mail bag!

The Procrastinating Writer’s Blog has some interesting insights into my “favourite” thing to do! The article about writer’s block was the first that drew me in and I’ve enjoyed getting the proverbial kick in the butt ever since.

National Novel Writing Month takes place in the month of November and while I tend to access this website most during that time I often find little tidbits and inspiration from the site year-round. The idea of writing 50,000 words in 30 days might be daunting, but in 2010 I wrote over 65,000 words and was quite pleased with myself! Granted, I lost feeling in my fingers about half way through …

Book Country is a really great place for aspiring writers, which I only recently discovered. It has some great industry tips and is a really wonderful resource for receiving feedback on drafts and sharing opinions and ideas about the writing process.

They’re my top five, though I must mention my favourite resource of all: It is my most used website, particularly as it has easy links to a thesaurus. It also has some really interesting etymology articles. Yes, I’m a word nerd.

What are your favourite websites to go to for inspiration (or procrastination)?


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